Corbyn’s critics left with little choice but to dance to their master’s tune

There’s an old saying in Texas: You gotta dance with the one that brung ya. It’s a blend of southern chivalry and clear-eyed pragmatism. It came to mind more than once in the past seven days. Two things happened in that time that tell you all you need to know about politics. Labour’s unexpectedly enlargedContinue reading “Corbyn’s critics left with little choice but to dance to their master’s tune”

Children of Corbyn go to war against their parents

At first glance the line-up for Glastonbury, disturbing the peace of the Somerset countryside this weekend, is unremarkable. Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard — Australian psychedelic rockers, m’lud — will be familiar to habitual attendees of this annual celebration of mud and mind-altering substances into which music occasionally intrudes. ButContinue reading “Children of Corbyn go to war against their parents”

Gerard Coyne’s show trial is a stark warning to Labour moderates

‘There is no step, thought, action, or lack of action under the heavens,’ wrote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, ‘which could not be punished by the heavy hand of Article 58’. Unite the Union’s rules appear to operate on much the same basis as the Soviet provision against ‘counter-revolutionary action’. Gerard Coyne, Unite’s West Midlands secretary, has beenContinue reading “Gerard Coyne’s show trial is a stark warning to Labour moderates”

Labour has surrendered to Corbynism

When I heard the Tories were cutting a deal with a party of bigots and terrorist-sympathisers, I thought, ‘would a national unity government really work?’ It turns out Theresa May is tapping up the DUP rather than the Labour Party. PMQs is accused of ‘yah-boo politics’ as it is; wait till the questions are askedContinue reading “Labour has surrendered to Corbynism”

Britain’s Dark Moment

It is as if Richard Nixon had lost the 1972 presidential election—and not to George McGovern but to Gus Hall. British PM Theresa May called a snap poll to capitalize on Labour’s lurch to the extreme left and bulk up her majority as Britain embarks on the Brexit process. She went into the campaign withContinue reading “Britain’s Dark Moment”

Nothing can justify a vote for Jeremy Corbyn

For Labour moderates agonising over whether they can vote for the party led by Jeremy Corbyn, an answer to their dilemma comes from a surprising quarter.   The quandary of party or principles comes down to whether you agree with Margaret Thatcher or Enoch Powell. Early in her premiership, Mrs T paid a visit to theContinue reading “Nothing can justify a vote for Jeremy Corbyn”

Jeremy Corbyn has just given the best speech of the election campaign

Campaigning starts again tomorrow, but in his speech in Carlisle today Jeremy Corbyn made what is – for any Labour leader – a fairly obvious point: You cannot protect the public on the cheap. The police and security services must get the resources they need not 20,000 police cuts. Theresa May was warned by the PoliceContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn has just given the best speech of the election campaign”

Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?

With seven days to go until a general election called in expectation of a landslide Conservative victory, Theresa May is suddenly facing the prospect of an extraordinary reversal. Two weeks ago, polls consistently put her 20 points ahead of the opposition Labour Party, but if a week is a long time in politics, the pastContinue reading “Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?”

The three lies that Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil

We learned something important from Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with Andrew Neil: The Labour leader wants to be Prime Minister and will do whatever it takes. His soppier critics often announce their sympathy for a man who would be much happier on the backbenches. Do not believe a word of it. Listen instead to what he told the BBCContinue reading “The three lies that Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil”

The Labour Party knew what Corbyn was, and they made him leader. Now the country knows

The security services are a rum lot. All that intrigue gets to you eventually, and that’s not counting those who sign up with less than laudable intentions. Harold Wilson was paranoid but not necessarily wrong.  So when Jeremy Corbyn’s MI5 file finds its way onto the front page of the Daily Telegraph, even those notContinue reading “The Labour Party knew what Corbyn was, and they made him leader. Now the country knows”