Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?

With seven days to go until a general election called in expectation of a landslide Conservative victory, Theresa May is suddenly facing the prospect of an extraordinary reversal. Two weeks ago, polls consistently put her 20 points ahead of the opposition Labour Party, but if a week is a long time in politics, the pastContinue reading “Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?”

Sorry, Comrade Sturgeon… but nobody’s buying this clap-trap

It’s been a decade since the SNP faced any real opposition and it shines through in their manifesto. For the past ten years, the Nationalists have coasted, their gravity-defying poll numbers affording them the luxury of defining their opponents and steering clear of difficult decisions. Now Professor Newton has caught up with them and theyContinue reading “Sorry, Comrade Sturgeon… but nobody’s buying this clap-trap”

Paul Nuttall is nationalist but a hopeless one

Paul Nuttall doesn’t want to be a hangman after all.  There was some doubt over the weekend when the Ukip leader said he’d bring back the death penalty and would even pull the lever himself. Naturally, this left Andrew Neil somewhat curious and so he used his election interview to enquire if Nuttall had beenContinue reading “Paul Nuttall is nationalist but a hopeless one”

The SNP is on the attack because it has nothing to defend

If it wasn’t for their election blunders, the SNP would have no campaign at all. After an Edinburgh nurse grilled Nicola Sturgeon on live TV over the SNP’s one percent NHS pay cap, Nationalist frontbencher Joanna Cherry told the BBC the healthcare worker was the wife of a Tory councillor. Not that it should matterContinue reading “The SNP is on the attack because it has nothing to defend”

The three lies that Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil

We learned something important from Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with Andrew Neil: The Labour leader wants to be Prime Minister and will do whatever it takes. His soppier critics often announce their sympathy for a man who would be much happier on the backbenches. Do not believe a word of it. Listen instead to what he told the BBCContinue reading “The three lies that Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil”

Robert Peel gets a third term

What does Theresa May actually believe? It’s the question perplexing MPs, journalists, and those members of the public admirably slogging through this election, powered only by Nescafe and matches. The confusion is understandable; Mrs May’s record is inconsistent. She’s the moderniser who became an unabashedly authoritarian Home Secretary, the scolder of ‘the Nasty Party’ whoContinue reading “Robert Peel gets a third term”

The Labour Party knew what Corbyn was, and they made him leader. Now the country knows

The security services are a rum lot. All that intrigue gets to you eventually, and that’s not counting those who sign up with less than laudable intentions. Harold Wilson was paranoid but not necessarily wrong.  So when Jeremy Corbyn’s MI5 file finds its way onto the front page of the Daily Telegraph, even those notContinue reading “The Labour Party knew what Corbyn was, and they made him leader. Now the country knows”

Ten Labour MPs that Tories should vote for

The Conservatives are going to win the election — that much we know.  The question is what kind of opposition Britain is going to be left with. If a slew of moderate Labour MPs are swept out, the Corbynite grip on the party will strengthen. The leader will not go and Labour will take aContinue reading “Ten Labour MPs that Tories should vote for”

The one question Theresa May should ask Labour voters — in order to win them over

Prime Minister, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that you have been denounced in the letters page of the Daily Telegraph. One correspondent huffs: ‘I wonder if Theresa May and her small group of advisers closeted in Westminster are aware of the fact that each initiative they introduce in anContinue reading “The one question Theresa May should ask Labour voters — in order to win them over”

The Not-So-Darling Buds of Theresa May

If you seek a symbol of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s inscrutability, look no further than a recent edition of the Sun, the conservative tabloid that is the United Kingdom’s most popular newspaper. The Sun handed a double op-ed page to the Tory leader to stump for votes ahead of the UK general election on JuneContinue reading “The Not-So-Darling Buds of Theresa May”