Sturgeon slaps down Looney Tunes by ruling out ACME independence

It was the shortest crime caper since Wile E Coyote lit the fuse on an ACME rocket then forgot to let go. Thursday morning’s papers had brought news of a speech by SNP deputy leader Keith Brown in which he hinted that Nicola Sturgeon might hold a second independence referendum even if Westminster said No. […]

Vaccine truthers going viral threatens everyone’s health

It is the thorniest dilemma of the social media age: When, if ever, is it appropriate to ‘unfriend’ someone on Facebook? That rollcall on the right-hand margin of your screen is the real sidebar of shame. The school chums you looked up for a laugh, or a nosey; the university friendships that have not survived […]

Shining a light on the Ena Sharples of Holyrood

How many MSPs does it take to change a lightbulb? There was an answer, of sorts, at First Minister’s Questions thanks to Christine Grahame. Grahame — imagine Ena Sharples flitted to Galashiels and turned political — is Holyrood’s brashest battleaxe. She is the deputy presiding officer who can reduce senior MSPs to a chin-chewing huff […]