Does Sturgeon deserve her Holyrood halo?

There is a peculiar phenomenon taking place in Scottish public opinion. Scots hold drastically different assessments of the performance of two governments which have handled coronavirus in broadly similar ways with broadly similar results. An Ipsos-MORI poll for the BBC shows that more than four in five Scots approve of Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of theContinue reading “Does Sturgeon deserve her Holyrood halo?”

Sturgeon outlines slow path out of lockdown

‘We indicate the phases in which service industries might reopen,’ Nicola Sturgeon said, outlining her blueprint for taking Scotland out of lockdown. Waste dumps and garden centres would be reopening from next Thursday and golf, tennis, fishing and bowls got the green light. But what about the things that really matter: grub, booze and doingContinue reading “Sturgeon outlines slow path out of lockdown”

Scots deserve the truth about coronavirus cover-up

‘The cover-up is what hurts you,’ Richard Nixon can be heard growling on a scratchy White House tape, ‘not the issue’. The 37th president was speaking to his aides three days after the Watergate burglars were indicted. Two years later, he would become the only US president to resign from office. Nixon learned his ownContinue reading “Scots deserve the truth about coronavirus cover-up”

Nicola Sturgeon’s very human moment at FMQs

Nicola Sturgeon is not a crying/hugging/thanking Jesus kind of politician. She would get nowhere in American politics. Maybe she is naturally reserved; maybe she feels that, as a woman in leadership, she can’t show too much emotion. Whatever the reason, she has fronted her government’s response to Covid-19 with stony stoicism at a time whenContinue reading “Nicola Sturgeon’s very human moment at FMQs”