Salmond bested Darling but faces race against time to win voters

We join this movie at its climax. Our hero and his nemesis — we leave you to decide which is which — have just duked it out in a fast-paced, stylishly edited fight scene and return, bloody-faced and scraped-knuckled, to their respective lairs. A power-pop montage with 80s synthesisers as they pound steps, leap overContinue reading “Salmond bested Darling but faces race against time to win voters”

Salmond vs Darling debate is chance to win undecideds

This is it. Rarely do you get a second chance in politics but Alex Salmond gets one tonight in the BBC’s referendum debate with Alistair Darling. Of course, Salmond is a man accustomed to overcoming tough odds. He is leader (for the second time) of a party which once expelled him for left-wing agitation. InContinue reading “Salmond vs Darling debate is chance to win undecideds”

Against complacency and despondency after referendum debate

Pitfalls of media groupthink, example no. 486. Going into STV’s live referendum debate, most journalists and commentators – this observer included – expected a clear victory for Alex Salmond. If Alistair Darling could hope for anything, it would be a close fight or a draw. Mr Salmond was a warm, engaging populist who never letContinue reading “Against complacency and despondency after referendum debate”