Nicola Sturgeon’s Disney nationalism

This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail column for Monday, April 26, 2021. ***** To understand the central dynamic of Scottish politics, you needed to do only two things yesterday. One was watch Nicola Sturgeon’s rambling performance on Andrew Marr, in which she admitted both that independence would erect a physical border between Scotland andContinue reading “Nicola Sturgeon’s Disney nationalism”

How to hold Nicola Sturgeon accountable

This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail column for Monday, April 19, 2021. ***** The problem with ‘lines’ taken by politicians and parties is that they are all written by political strategists. These characters live, breathe, eat and sleep politics. Their idea of relaxation is catching up on other countries’ politics. They seldom encounter regularContinue reading “How to hold Nicola Sturgeon accountable”

Alba could be a threat to the Union — and an opportunity

This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail column for Monday, March 29, 2021. ***** It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the SNP and an episode of Jerry Springer. You know you shouldn’t gawp but it’s hard to look away, what with lurid allegations, bitter feuds, conspiracy theories and political bed-hopping, as the problem family ofContinue reading “Alba could be a threat to the Union — and an opportunity”

Epic Gael

Alex Salmond announced his candidacy for the Holyrood elections on March 26, 2021, for the Alba Party. This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail sketch of the launch.  ***** There are a fair few nationalists who believe the British state works to undermine Scottish independence, and a fair few Unionists who believe it oughtContinue reading “Epic Gael”

Ruth’s last hurrah

Nicola Sturgeon faced questions in the Scottish Parliament on March 24, 2021. It was the final First Minister’s Questions before the election and Ruth Davidson’s last before quitting Holyrood. This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail sketch of proceedings.  ***** At last, the back of the most wretched, fetid, scandal-flecked parliament in memory. Gone in aContinue reading “Ruth’s last hurrah”