It’s taboo to say a word against the NHS but it’s failing on mental health

One hour before deadline for this column, I had a panic attack. Panic attacks aren’t sudden bouts of fright, as the name might suggest, but episodes of acute, debilitating anxiety. Your heart palpitates, you struggle to breathe, and you break out in a cold sweat. You feel dizzy, nauseous and your hands and arms are […]

The brave boys of Tham Luang give us hope in a world of despair

Television screens across the world, in every country and every language, are beaming the same images today. They show the rescue of children who have been trapped in a cave in the northernmost tip of Thailand. The twelve boys and their coach from the Wild Boars youth football team went on an outing to Tham […]

Brexit tests that must apply to secure the Union

The SNP hysteria over imaginary power-grabs is galvanising the party faithful. But a bad deal as we leave the EU will allow Nationalists to ramp up the rhetoric – and encourage their fresh attempts to tear Scotland out of the UK, Stephen Daisley writes in the Scottish Daily Mail. ***** Will Britain survive Brexit? Nestled […]

It’s time for May to play her joker and reshuffle her troublesome pack

Nothing holds you back in politics quite like the millstone of received opinion. Leaders take soundings, study the polls and apply the lessons of history but they are not captive to them, servants of circumstance praying the Fates will turn benevolent soon. Leaders draw on instinct and principle to change their lot; they make their own […]