What’s the point of Israel?

Few countries have achieved what Israel has in its first 65 years. From a war-torn desert has sprung a land of prosperity and innovation; from the brutalities of successive colonial impositions a thriving polity, democratic and disputatious; and from a desperate immigrant refuge a proud Jewish homeland. Achievements, the gleaming medals of past endeavor andContinue reading “What’s the point of Israel?”

Margaret Thatcher, mensch

Margaret Thatcher is being remembered in the United Kingdom and around the world as the fearless conviction politician who rescued Britain from its decline into sclerotic socialism and helped Ronald Reagan bring an end to the Evil Empire and freedom to the enslaved peoples of Eastern Europe. But she should also be remembered as aContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher, mensch”

Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady’s life and legacy in Scotland

On an icy February morning in 1975, a modest, unremarkable woman stepped out of a car on Edinburgh’s Princes Street, hoping to walk the retail thoroughfare and shake a few hands for the waiting cameras. Instead, she was mobbed by a crowd of 3000 well-wishers, waving Union Flags and cheering “Maggie”. The throng surged forwardContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady’s life and legacy in Scotland”

My response to Richard Shulman

My review of Daniel Gordis’s The Promise of Israel, which was published in Commentary magazine in December, prompted some criticism, including correspondence from Mr. Richard H. Shulman. Click here to read Mr. Shulman’s letter to Commentary and see below for my rebuttal (which is also published here). If you want to know what all the fuss is about,Continue reading “My response to Richard Shulman”