It’s time for Boris to back Israel

Dominic Raab has visited Israel for his first trip as Foreign Secretary. By all accounts, he was made very welcome, despite the UK’s craven abstention at the UN over extending an arms embargo on Iran, a country where they arrest our ambassador, burn our flag and chat ‘Death to Britain’. Quite the dilemma we faced in that vote. According to theContinue reading “It’s time for Boris to back Israel”

A small step in the right direction

This week there will be an almighty row about Westminster stealing powers from Holyrood. You may be wondering how that differentiates it from any other week. Ginning up grievance over imaginary encroachments on your authority is infinitely easier than governing. Scottish ministers are so concerned they could lose some of their powers they might evenContinue reading “A small step in the right direction”

Douglas Ross must blow the whistle on Tory failings

I wouldn’t want to be Douglas Ross. Given my knowledge of Scottish football was only recently updated with the startling information that Dundee has two teams, that is probably for the best.  But the challenges facing the latest Scottish Tory leader are more daunting than anything he has encountered on the football pitch. He assumesContinue reading “Douglas Ross must blow the whistle on Tory failings”

A new Act of Union is needed to save the United Kingdom

Jackson Carlaw’s leadership of the Scottish Conservatives will not be remembered as one of the party’s high points. But while his personal qualities as a leader, a strategist and a communicator are plainly not beyond reproach, neither do they fully explain why he is stepping down after just six months in the job. Certainly, heContinue reading “A new Act of Union is needed to save the United Kingdom”