Failing Sturgeon demands a gold star on education

Anyone who watches First Minister’s Questions and still wants an independent Scotland deserves one. Jackson Carlaw’s weekly waltz with the latest strawman fashioned by the First Minister was made more miserable still by severely inflamed vocal cords. The Tory leader had lost his voice more brutally than those seven seats he misplaced in December. He […]

Here’s Saint Nic, with a lump of coal for your stocking

MSPs gathered on Tuesday for Holyrood’s annual Indyref2 Statement Day. I swear, it comes around earlier every year. Mind you, it’s gotten so commercialised these days that people have forgotten the true meaning: the birth of the SNP’s saviour, Brexit, and its distraction from the Scottish Government’s record. Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t forgotten. Smartly turned out […]

Boris has a mandate to be radical. He shouldn’t waste it being a Tory.

Boris Johnson’s victory will be picked over by pollsters, political scientists and, one day, historians to establish why it happened and what it means. For now, though, we can say this: Thursday was a win for the Conservative Party but not necessarily for conservatism. Johnson’s candidates demolished Labour’s ‘red wall’ in seats like Bishop Auckland, […]

The Union in the age of Boris

Boris Johnson’s Friday morning victory speech signalled that a new kind of Conservative Party was on the way. The Tories had swept Labour aside in swathes of working-class seats in what had been Britain’s socialist heartlands. He told bleary-eyed Tory activists: ‘In winning this election we have won votes and the trust of people who […]

Why this election matters

There is something about the printing of ballot papers that sends politicians reaching for the superlatives. Barely has a single billboard gone up or a solitary postal vote settled on a weary doormat than the parties begin breaking out the apocalyptic rhetoric. ‘This is the most important election of your lifetime.’ How many times have […]