Sturgeon objects to ‘spin’; irony in critical condition

Watching Holyrood these days requires Olympian stamina and a boundless supply of optimism. The longer the First Minister’s statements get, the more depressing they become. Nicola Sturgeon’s message to MSPs yesterday can be summed up in four words: Nothing’s changed. Any questions? Actually, that’s not quite true. The reopening of schools and nurseries is changingContinue reading “Sturgeon objects to ‘spin’; irony in critical condition”

The Hungry Hungry Hippos approach to government

We should consider doing away with podiums. Every time Nicola Sturgeon gets behind one, we lose another freedom. The First Minister pounced from her Holyrood perch again yesterday, gobbling up what remains of our liberties like Hungry Hungry Hippos with statutory powers. Before First Minister’s Questions kicked off, she previewed a ‘further tightening of theContinue reading “The Hungry Hungry Hippos approach to government”

The high stakes of Salmond vs. Sturgeon

Alex Salmond’s seven-year reign as first minister of Scotland was a regal affair. Chauffeur-driven cars ferried him to and from his preferred restaurants. Wine and champagne flowed during interviews and social meetings with journalists. Then, one morning in November 2014, it all vanished and power passed abruptly to his heir, Nicola Sturgeon. Uneasy lies theContinue reading “The high stakes of Salmond vs. Sturgeon”

Rhetoric: Nigel Farage, Volume: Foghorn Leghorn

The antidote to support for independence is five minutes spent watching the proceedings of the Scottish parliament. Holyrood was summoned back from its holidays yesterday so the First Minister could harrumph about the Brexit deal. Most folk would prefer to be in their jammies nursing half-empty tins of Quality Street while flicking through 300 channelsContinue reading “Rhetoric: Nigel Farage, Volume: Foghorn Leghorn”

Clinging on to hope in a Covid Christmas

Just when it seemed 2020 had done its worst, our annus miserabilis delivers one more wretched surprise. Christmas is cancelled. Nicola Sturgeon has cut our five-day festive grace period down to one and barely will we have our sprouts digested than all of mainland Scotland will be placed on level-four lockdown. No indoor gatherings, pubs andContinue reading “Clinging on to hope in a Covid Christmas”

Scotland’s untouchable ruling class

It was the faintest crease, there and gone again. As SNP chief executive Peter Murrell gave evidence to the Alex Salmond inquiry, a hairline fracture of contempt cleaved across his mouth. Some committee members found his statements inconsistent, others incredible, and they said so, but Murrell was cool, unfazed, in control. Nicola Sturgeon was justContinue reading “Scotland’s untouchable ruling class”

‘I am the First Minister, not the office gossip’

The stench grows thicker around the SNP hierarchy. A distinct odour of something-isn’t-right-here. Peter Murrell, party chief executive and spouse of Nicola Sturgeon, appeared before Holyrood’s Alex Salmond inquiry on Tuesday. His evidence had more holes than Turnberry and there are already calls for him to be hauled back. But when the Scottish Tory leaderContinue reading “‘I am the First Minister, not the office gossip’”