Chief Mammy gets put on the naughty step

You could tell Ken Macintosh was furious because his tone was mild disapproval. The Presiding Officer is the perennial pushover teacher but yesterday he waved his ruler menacingly in the direction of ministerial knuckles. Later on, Education Secretary John Swinney would be announcing the ditching of the Named Persons scheme. Or rather announcing it to […]

Emergency Ward When?

‘Egg production is another of our successful food and drink sectors that will be negatively impacted by a no-deal Brexit’. We were eagerly awaiting First Minister’s Questions when Fergus Ewing came to a boil. The Rural Economy Secretary was fielding a query from colleague Joan McAlpine and claimed the UK Government’s ‘reckless’ approach to post-Brexit […]

Brexit, Scexit and the future of the Union

Nationalists are everywhere in political life these days but patriots much harder to find. The once prevailing belief that self-interest be sacrificed where necessary to the interests of the country may have been starchily old-fashioned but it reflected a sense of duty. It is, with varying degrees of magnitude, what Peel did on the Corn […]