Swinney the street-fighter who can’t say No to six dismal Greens

There are many ways to follow First Minister’s Questions: on television, online and, of course, in the next morning’s Scottish Daily Mail. By far the most entertaining, though, is listening to Adam Tomkins’ mordant interjections throughout. John Swinney’s first attempt to put a brave face on the car park tax was punctured when Tomkins piped […]

Daylight robbery Budget would shame Bonnie and Clyde

Watching Derek Mackay rattle out a battery of new taxes in last week’s Budget debate, as Nicola Sturgeon nodded along beside him, I was reminded of a scene from the Oscar-winning crime biopic Bonnie and Clyde. Our hoodlum heroes introduce themselves to a gas station attendant with Faye Dunaway’s immortal line: ‘I’m Miss Bonnie Parker […]

Roseanna Cunningham lost her seat… good practice for 2021

To Holyrood for the celebration of ‘The Greens Might Not Back the Budget — Oh Look, They’ve Backed It’ Day. It comes round earlier every year. One day out of 365, Patrick Harvie gets to bask in the flash of photographers as TV cameramen capture his bold strides through the corridors of power. His phone […]