Lockdown must apply to everyone or it must be lifted

What connects George Square, St Andrew Square and the Paisley Cenotaph? The answer is that all three attracted crowds over the weekend. In Glasgow’s most famous gathering place, more than 500 demonstrators assembled to protest against racism and in favour of refugees’ rights, alongside a smaller contingent of Right-wing activists. In Edinburgh, 1,000 gathered to hearContinue reading “Lockdown must apply to everyone or it must be lifted”

Wanted: a worthy opponent to Nicola Sturgeon

At risk of spoiling the ending, Nicola Sturgeon is going to win next year’s Holyrood election. Barring some unforeseen scandal or government catastrophe, Scotland is likely to hand the Nationalist leader another term in Bute House. It is not impossible that she secures an outright majority in the Scottish Parliament. Election 2021 is hers toContinue reading “Wanted: a worthy opponent to Nicola Sturgeon”

Alison through the looking-glass

Alison Johnstone knows how to handle herself. The Greens’ co-leader turned in another assured performance at First Minister’s Questions on the issue of testing in care homes and hospitals. Burnishing her reputation for sharp interrogation, she pressed the First Minister over scientific advice on testing. This isn’t the most thrilling subject for FMQs but theContinue reading “Alison through the looking-glass”