Hostile witness

It was Ruth Davidson at her exacting best. Called for questions after Nicola Sturgeon’s latest Covid-19 statement, the obvious subject was the five-day lockdown grace period the First Minister had just announced for Christmas. The Tory group leader screeched the brakes and took proceedings in a prosecutorial direction. As the SNP government continues to stonewallContinue reading “Hostile witness”

Oh stay home, all ye faithful

This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail sketch of Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid-19 update to the Scottish Parliament on November 24, 2020.  Christmas used to be such an innocent time. Saviours born in stables. Red-nosed reindeer pulling sleighs. Even if you got taken hostage by terrorists while collecting your estranged wife from the office Christmas party,Continue reading “Oh stay home, all ye faithful”

Vaccine rollout will be key test for Sturgeon

This is the text of my Scottish Daily Mail column for week beginning November 23, 2020. Subjects include delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine, Jeremy Corbyn’s future in the Labour Party, and Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown. It has been a glum year but news of impending Covid-19 vaccines brings aContinue reading “Vaccine rollout will be key test for Sturgeon”

Staying home for Christmas

Spend long enough flicking through the TV this time of year and you’ll stumble upon entire channels airing nothing but made-for-television movies about saving Christmas. These feel-good flicks are invariably set in small-town America and involve the local factory/diner/church being on the brink of closure on Christmas Eve thanks to a heartless boss/corporation/bank manager untilContinue reading “Staying home for Christmas”

BBC cannot be an arm of Sturgeon’s PR operation

There is nothing Nicola Sturgeon loves more than posing as an international stateswoman. She may struggle to get Jacinda Ardern to reply to her tweets but Donald Trump’s post-election tantrum gave her an opportunity to share her wisdom with the world. Asked last Wednesday about the US presidential election, which Trump has yet to concede,Continue reading “BBC cannot be an arm of Sturgeon’s PR operation”