What next for Alex Salmond?

It is an iron law of Scottish politics: never write off Alex Salmond. The former First Minister’s acquittal by a jury on a series of sexual assault charges brings to an end what he described as a ‘nightmare’. The political fallout, however, is still to come. Joanna Cherry, a senior Nationalist at Westminster, said: ‘It [...]

How Coronavirus could change everything

History turns as much by chance as by design. For every meticulously planned revolution, there is the daring shot that triggers a world war. The coronavirus pandemic is more than a medical emergency; it is a contagion that will spread to every cell and tissue of our lives. The way we live is going to [...]

Green leader’s eco salvo against Sturgeon

‘This week, the coronavirus spread to Scotland,’ Jackson Carlaw intoned. ‘The First Minister can be assured that the Scottish Government will have the full and engaged support of myself and all Scottish Conservatives.’ Gah. It was going to be one of those question times. You know the kind, where everyone falls over themselves trying to [...]

The Showdown in the New Town

Let’s get ready to rumble. In the blue corner is Angus Robertson, former Westminster leader of the SNP, and candidate for his party’s nomination in Edinburgh Central. In the red corner, Joanna Cherry, MP for Edinburgh South West and, as of Saturday evening, also a contender in Edinburgh Central. This is no ordinary selection battle. [...]

Ohhhhh, Ri-ich-ard Ly-le…

If you’re a regular viewer of First Minister’s Questions — there’s no shame; it’s either this or an Inspector Morse repeat on the other side — you might recognise this sound: oooorrrrhhhhh. It sounds like Yoda with a heavy cold or a dinosaur that just stood on a Lego but is in fact Richard Lyle, [...]