Carlaw takes Tories in a neon-conservative direction

Jackson Carlaw is a frightfully nice man who should not be allowed to dress himself. Yesterday at Holyrood he turned up sporting a chartreuse tie that hinted at a second job as the night manager of an Elvis-themed Las Vegas wedding chapel. It wasn’t quite atomic green but Fin Carson might want to get himself […]

Authenticity in politics? I’d rather have character, Darling.

Politics is nothing like normal life and the rules are different there. In normal life, it’s the quiet ones you have to keep an eye on, as every ashen neighbour who has ever told a TV news camera ‘he always kept himself to himself’ will attest. In politics, it’s the loud ones that need watching. […]

Bomber Baillie goes Full Metal Jackie

First Minister’s Questions is no place for alarmism. Nicola Sturgeon made that clear when she warned Jackson Carlaw against ‘inadvertently undermin[ing] public confidence’ in the flu jab. On what tenuous basis was the interim Tory leader engaging in such wanton scaremongering? Other than the fact that 61 per cent of over-65s haven’t received the vaccine […]

Brexit Britain makes Israel’s hectic politics look strong and stable

Nothing humiliates quite like the sympathy of foreigners. When you are overseas in times of acute national anguish, even the slenderest shard of sympathy can pierce the heart. It is far preferable that your hosts be blunt. Candour stings but pity burns. I spent last week in Israel, land of unwieldy coalitions and unstable governments. […]

Che Guevara of Charlotte Square joins the class war

Primly accoutred in a royal blue Thatcher suit, the First Minister was somewhat overdressed for the class war. The Che Guevara of Charlotte Square had stormed the ramparts of Holyrood to decry Philip Hammond’s Budget sop to the filthy rich. The capitalist lickspittle had raised the higher income tax threshold to £50,000, feathering the nests […]