Labour doesn’t just need a new leader. It needs a new mission.

It was a Thursday when I decided that I liked Johann Lamont. April 2002, to be precise. I remember because I was 16 and “The Hindu Times” was on the radio and I had stopped staring at Vicki Watson and turned my eye to Chris Mahoney. But my first love was politics. I was a […]

Hope Over Fear rally: What I saw on the way to the revolution

“We don’t need another referendum. We need a fucking revolution. We’re on our way to one.” I was standing on the fringes of George Square, renamed “Freedom Square” for the day, eavesdropping on a conversation between two student-looking sorts who, like thousands of others, had come for the Hope over Fear rally. Hosted by former […]

A deficit of fiscal powers is to blame for boring budget

For a man getting to spend billions of pounds of other people’s money, John Swinney sounded less than enthusiastic. The Scottish Government’s finance secretary is a serious man, the grit to Alex Salmond’s flash, but his draft budget statement on Thursday was a more sober affair than usual. True, it was his first major appearance […]