The UK has walked away from Europe. It may have walked away from Scotland too.

Nicola Sturgeon’s voice was calm and measured but her words were bombshell. The First Minister, responding to the UK’s decision to separate from the EU, said this represented a “material change” in circumstances. As politics-watchers know, those are the magic words recited to conjure up a second referendum on Scottish independence. To many south of […]

Rejoice or weep over Brexit but we’ll have to make it work

My name is Stephen and I am part of the problem. I work in the media, earn a reasonable(ish) salary, live in a big city, mosey around with a diverse group of friends, and wouldn’t think twice about spending a tidy sum on a nice bottle of wine at the weekend. I believe and loudly […]

Yes, Ruth Davidson won the EU debate. No, England, you can’t have her.

We might as well get this over with. You’ve watched Ruth Davidson chin Boris Johnson on national television and you reckon, “Hey, she could be a good shout for Prime Minister, or at least Tory leader.” Ah, you remember, but she’s something high up in that Scottish Parliament thingy.Surely she’d come down south for a […]

All hail Amber Rudd, the new star of the Conservative Party

It wasn’t the most thrilling two hours of television. The ITV referendum debate suffered from the same flaw as the channel’s 2015 general election forum: Too many politicians. This time there were six on stage, wrangled by Julie Etchingham. The gender balance was impressive (five women, one man, and a female moderator) but ensuring everyone […]

It’s time to step up, Nicola Sturgeon. Progressive Britain needs you.

Nicola Sturgeon might seem an odd choice to make the case for maintaining a political union under threat from separatists. After all, just two years ago she was spearheading a campaign for Scotland to leave the UK, a constitutional compact of much longer standing than the current incarnation of the European Economic Community. Indeed, some […]

You won’t hear about this in the mainstream media

It started with a hiss. Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC News political editor, was trying to ask Jeremy Corbyn a question at a Remain event on Thursday. When she was introduced, a chorus of hisses and boos went up from the crowd. Kuenssberg has become a hate figure for Corbynistas, who are convinced she is pursuing […]