The light on the hill is growing dim but still worth fighting for

It is not over. There is still hope. A single scarlet petal blooms defiantly on the withered stalk. The Labour Party lives yet. Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot paper for the forthcoming leadership election. Per the bizarre decision of the national executive committee, he will not require as much as a single nomination. It […]

Theresa May is Prime Minister and it’s the most natural thing I can imagine

You feel it too, right? The loosening in your neck, the slackening of your shoulders. Your breathing has slowed a little and your heart thrums gentler. A grown-up is back in charge. These past few weeks have felt like darting across a collapsing floor. While being chased by a pack of wolves. Over a pool […]

How Theresa May should approach her Scotland problem

Tallying up the daunting inventory of demands on the new prime minister’s time, it’s a wonder Theresa May wants the job at all. There’s Brexit — which she didn’t support but equally didn’t not support — and the fallout from that. When does she trigger Article 50? Will an “independent” Britain be in the European […]

Saddam: A brutal psychopath whose reign was marked by sadism and corruption

Saddam Hussein started as he meant to go on. When he came to power in 1979, the new President of Iraq instigated a purge of senior Ba’ath Party officials. The aim was to eliminate potential rivals and exert his total control over the regime. The method foreshadowed the barbarism that guided Hussein’s blood-soaked political career. Gathering […]