Britain’s Dark Moment

It is as if Richard Nixon had lost the 1972 presidential election—and not to George McGovern but to Gus Hall. British PM Theresa May called a snap poll to capitalize on Labour’s lurch to the extreme left and bulk up her majority as Britain embarks on the Brexit process. She went into the campaign withContinue reading “Britain’s Dark Moment”

Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?

With seven days to go until a general election called in expectation of a landslide Conservative victory, Theresa May is suddenly facing the prospect of an extraordinary reversal. Two weeks ago, polls consistently put her 20 points ahead of the opposition Labour Party, but if a week is a long time in politics, the pastContinue reading “Will Britain Pass the Jeremy Corbyn Test?”

The Not-So-Darling Buds of Theresa May

If you seek a symbol of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s inscrutability, look no further than a recent edition of the Sun, the conservative tabloid that is the United Kingdom’s most popular newspaper. The Sun handed a double op-ed page to the Tory leader to stump for votes ahead of the UK general election on JuneContinue reading “The Not-So-Darling Buds of Theresa May”

The light on the hill is growing dim but still worth fighting for

It is not over. There is still hope. A single scarlet petal blooms defiantly on the withered stalk. The Labour Party lives yet. Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot paper for the forthcoming leadership election. Per the bizarre decision of the national executive committee, he will not require as much as a single nomination. ItContinue reading “The light on the hill is growing dim but still worth fighting for”