Labour has surrendered to Corbynism

When I heard the Tories were cutting a deal with a party of bigots and terrorist-sympathisers, I thought, ‘would a national unity government really work?’ It turns out Theresa May is tapping up the DUP rather than the Labour Party. PMQs is accused of ‘yah-boo politics’ as it is; wait till the questions are askedContinue reading “Labour has surrendered to Corbynism”

Britain’s Dark Moment

It is as if Richard Nixon had lost the 1972 presidential election—and not to George McGovern but to Gus Hall. British PM Theresa May called a snap poll to capitalize on Labour’s lurch to the extreme left and bulk up her majority as Britain embarks on the Brexit process. She went into the campaign withContinue reading “Britain’s Dark Moment”

Nothing can justify a vote for Jeremy Corbyn

For Labour moderates agonising over whether they can vote for the party led by Jeremy Corbyn, an answer to their dilemma comes from a surprising quarter.   The quandary of party or principles comes down to whether you agree with Margaret Thatcher or Enoch Powell. Early in her premiership, Mrs T paid a visit to theContinue reading “Nothing can justify a vote for Jeremy Corbyn”

My survival plan for Labour (it’s not to get Diane Abbott to count the votes)

At risk of giving away the ending, the Labour Party is probably done for. Assuming the polls aren’t fantastically wrong and the British people haven’t lost their minds, Jeremy Corbyn is heading for defeat on June 8. The potential scale of the routing is being described as ‘historic’, since it looks set to be unparalleledContinue reading “My survival plan for Labour (it’s not to get Diane Abbott to count the votes)”

Gerald Kaufman: Labour hero, Jewish villain

Gerald Kaufman, who has died aged 86, was instrumental in saving the Labour Party, back when the Labour Party was something that could still be saved.  It was Kaufman who pithily pegged the 1983 manifesto as ‘the longest suicide note in history’. He knew the phrase would hang around the far-left and dog any attemptContinue reading “Gerald Kaufman: Labour hero, Jewish villain”

We must mark the Holocaust but it is only part of the Jewish story

Yisrael Kristal is 112. Yisrael Kristal is a candidate for the title of World’s Oldest Man. Yisrael Kristal is an Israeli Jew and Holocaust survivor. Born in Poland in 1903, he worked as a confectioner until the Nazis came. They killed his two children in the ghetto and murdered his wife in Auschwitz. He left the deathContinue reading “We must mark the Holocaust but it is only part of the Jewish story”

Scottish Greens vote to remove Hamas from terrorist list

The Scottish Greens, perhaps feeling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was lonely out on his limb, have echoed his support for Hamas. The left-wing party passed a motion at its autumn conference in Glasgow on Saturday backing the removal of the Islamist militants from the list of proscribed terrorist groups. The motion, which runs to moreContinue reading “Scottish Greens vote to remove Hamas from terrorist list”

Labour has abandoned its purpose and those who rely on it

At this point David Cameron could nuke Yorkshire and get away with it. The Labour Party, founded to seek power in the interests of working people, has decided that power is something dirty and it would much rather feel good about itself. To atone for the sin of winning three general elections, they have chosenContinue reading “Labour has abandoned its purpose and those who rely on it”

Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. It’s so much worse than that

What do you have to say about Jews not to be invited to Parliament by Jeremy Corbyn? The Labour leadership frontrunner has a singular talent for extending a warm welcome to anti-Semites and extremists. He invited “friends” from Hezbollah and Hamas, both proscribed terrorist organisations. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah says of Jews: “If they allContinue reading “Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. It’s so much worse than that”

Choosing the chosen

Unchosen: The Memoirs of a Philosemite By Julie Burchill Unbound, 192 pages Julie Burchill loves the Jews, and she wants everyone to know it. The English controversialist informs us at the outset of her new book, Unchosen: The Memoirs of a Philosemite: “I have spent my life wrapping myself in the Jewish flag, sometimes metaphorically,Continue reading “Choosing the chosen”