Businesses must distance themselves from coronavirus capitalism

Coronavirus is showing the best and worst of British business. We have all heard the stories: some firms are being responsible and decent while others are treating the deadly pandemic as business-as-usual or even a chance to lay off workers at short notice. I doubt I’m the only one who won’t be forgetting which firmsContinue reading “Businesses must distance themselves from coronavirus capitalism”

Green leader’s eco salvo against Sturgeon

‘This week, the coronavirus spread to Scotland,’ Jackson Carlaw intoned. ‘The First Minister can be assured that the Scottish Government will have the full and engaged support of myself and all Scottish Conservatives.’ Gah. It was going to be one of those question times. You know the kind, where everyone falls over themselves trying toContinue reading “Green leader’s eco salvo against Sturgeon”

Family-friendly laws require a family-friendly parliament

The period between rising star and yesterday’s man is growing shorter and shorter. We already know that Ruth Davidson will be standing down at next year’s Holyrood election after ten years as an MSP. A decade is a long time in most careers but in politics it is barely a warm-up; after ten years inContinue reading “Family-friendly laws require a family-friendly parliament”