Corbyn is not the messiah… and the media is not the devil

Like all good messiahs, Jeremy Corbyn is out to save us from ourselves. Refreshingly, his latest sermon avoided damning the Israelites and instead admonished us to beware the sins of fake news and media monopolies. Delivering the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival, the other JC preached of his ‘desire to create aContinue reading “Corbyn is not the messiah… and the media is not the devil”

Amazon Tax: A good policy in the bagging area

hi Even on her summer holidays and heavily pregnant, Ruth Davidson is doing a better job of running the country that those nominally in charge. The Scottish Conservative leader last week took on some of the biggest multinationals and posed tough questions about the balance between free markets and fairness. Writing in a newspaper, sheContinue reading “Amazon Tax: A good policy in the bagging area”

Tories are airing dirty laundry on the stairheid for everyone to see

One of the advantages to adopting the stairheid rammy as our national mode of conversation is that we are no longer obliged to listen to one another. Debate can at last flow freely, uninterrupted by the burdensome details of what our opponents actually say and believe. Cool heads are the first casualties of culture war.Continue reading “Tories are airing dirty laundry on the stairheid for everyone to see”

Jeremy Corbyn and decency fatigue

One of the Left’s least attractive features is its boundless capacity for moral self-righteousness. There is a near religious conviction that to be Left-wing is to be good and ethical and therefore everything a Left-winger does must be honourable. This superstition has been one of the biggest contributors to Jeremy Corbyn’s endurance as Labour leader.Continue reading “Jeremy Corbyn and decency fatigue”

The MP who launched an accidental coup

A minority government daily teetering on the brink of collapse. A radical opposition leader poised for power. A political establishment at loggerheads in the wake of a divisive referendum. The atmosphere is febrile. The air carries a whiff of hysteria. No one is quite sure who is running the country or whether the country isContinue reading “The MP who launched an accidental coup”