Here’s Saint Nic, with a lump of coal for your stocking

MSPs gathered on Tuesday for Holyrood’s annual Indyref2 Statement Day. I swear, it comes around earlier every year. Mind you, it’s gotten so commercialised these days that people have forgotten the true meaning: the birth of the SNP’s saviour, Brexit, and its distraction from the Scottish Government’s record. Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t forgotten. Smartly turned outContinue reading “Here’s Saint Nic, with a lump of coal for your stocking”

Boris has a mandate to be radical. He shouldn’t waste it being a Tory.

Boris Johnson’s victory will be picked over by pollsters, political scientists and, one day, historians to establish why it happened and what it means. For now, though, we can say this: Thursday was a win for the Conservative Party but not necessarily for conservatism. Johnson’s candidates demolished Labour’s ‘red wall’ in seats like Bishop Auckland,Continue reading “Boris has a mandate to be radical. He shouldn’t waste it being a Tory.”

Sturgeon gets owned by Ross Greer. ROSS GREER.

The latest education rankings have not made easy reading for Nicola Sturgeon. Standards in maths are plummeting faster than John Nicolson’s chances in Ochil and South Perthshire, while Scotland is being outperformed in science by Estonia, Slovenia and a handful of creationist Sunday schools in Alabama. Jackson Carlaw, uncharitable sort that he is, brought thisContinue reading “Sturgeon gets owned by Ross Greer. ROSS GREER.”

Sturgeon meets the long arm of the LOL

Boris Johnson may be too afraid to submit to 30 minutes under Andrew Neil’s frosty glare but at least the Scottish leaders are willing to tackle the tough questions. Questions like ‘Bam or no bam?’ and whether the police should have their own jet skis. Putting these searing queries was Cameron Miekelson. Imagine if AndrewContinue reading “Sturgeon meets the long arm of the LOL”