We won’t solve rail chaos by handing SNP a new train set

Like bad Christmas cracker jokes and rows with relatives, train disruptions seem to be part and parcel of the festive season. Passengers travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh yesterday morning were left stranded after a signalling fault played havoc with the timetable. On what was for many the first day back at work after the Yuletide […]

SNP could become hooked on tax-raising drug

Raising income tax ‘would not be radical, it would be reckless. It would not be daring, it would be daft.’ Evidence showed ‘it could actually reduce the amount of money we have to invest in our National Health Service and our public services’. Given the need for ‘stable and predictable revenues’, tax hikes were ‘a […]

Bingo! As Mackay called the numbers, Sturgeon rifled through purses in the cloakroom

Like a first-time bingo caller in a provincial community centre, Derek Mackay trilled with an uneasy mix of excitement and nerves. The prize table looked meagre indeed but the Finance Secretary tried his best to gin everyone up. Economic growth of 0.7%! A new method for calculating inflationary poundage uplift! And who could resist the […]

Raising taxes would only reward ten years of SNP failure

Prepare to learn this week that you are callous and unfeeling. It will be implied, hinted, and even openly charged that you are selfish and mean-spirited; that you care more about your Tuscan villa and the winter home in Gstaad than those scraping by on the breadline. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay delivers his draft budget […]

What a Twist! It’s Artful truth Dodger Nicola

All that was missing was the empty bowl and the raggedy mite mumbling, ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’ Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard forwent the conventional Q&A format of First Minister’s Questions in favour of an amateur dramatics production of Oliver Twist. Attempting to pin down Nicola Sturgeon on the future of local government […]

Time to hit the brakes and admit it’s been a bumpy ride, Nicola

‘Stop talking down Scotland’ goes the perennial cry of the Scottish Nationalist, which roughly translates to ‘Stop pointing out unpalatable facts about Scottish Nationalism’. It’s not enough that the SNP governs every aspect of our lives, from how much tax we pay to where tobacconists can display their shameful contraband, they expect us to be […]

Nicola Sturgeon’s credibility gap is impossible to bridge

Ratting on your colleagues is a daily hazard at Holyrood but it’s not every day you see a First Minister brief against herself. Nicola Sturgeon breezed into FMQs and outlined plans to shut a lane of the £1.35billion Queensferry Crossing for repairs. Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie asked when ministers learned the bridge would close. […]