A victory with no victors and losers who refuse to lose

In case you missed it, the No campaign won the independence referendum. This might come as a surprise, with celebrations of the result ranging all the way from low-key to non-existent. (Save for a few troglodytes in George Square whose ability to drag their knuckles without possession of opposable thumbs was quite a feat.) Tales […]

Indyref Daily: Outrage as Scotland defies sovereign will of Byres Road

The democratic process has been thrown into chaos after a majority of Scots voted against the clearly expressed wishes of people who shop in Whole Foods. Friday morning’s referendum result brought an eerie chill to Byres Road. In the independent coffee shops, patrons wept into their double tall soy caramel macchiatos (hold the foam). Tchai-Ovna […]

Why the Scottish Independence Referendum Matters

Long a fringe phenomenon, Scottish independence might become a reality this Friday • How did this happen? • Was it because of Scottish nationalism or economics? • What will independence mean for Britain and the West? • And what are the ramifications for Israel? • Stephen Daisley, referendum reporter for Scotland’s leading commercial broadcaster, explains. Close […]

A referendum debate that showed us at our best

STV’s Tuesday night town hall debate came down to a tie — a multicoloured disco-sticks number sported by moderator Bernard Ponsonby. The broadcaster is respected for his inscrutable neutrality and the distinctive neckwear was the one bold expression he allowed himself. Of course a tie is just a tie — though it’s good to see […]

The final ever TV debate drinking game. We promise. Maybe.

Another week, another debate. What these people still have left to disagree about is beyond me. Alistair Darling has conceded that an independent Scotland could use the pound without a currency union. And the Scottish Government agrees with its UK counterpart so much that it wants to share the currency, central bank, monarchy, welfare system […]