The cruel hounding of Tim Farron is bloodsport for secularists

For the benefit of Sky News, standard Christian doctrine says gay sex is a sin. It’s the sin that gives sinning a good name. There ought to be a stewards’ inquiry into why it didn’t make it into the Ten Commandments. But, yes, it’s one of those trespasses we ask to be forgiven.  Sky’s Darren […]

Rennie’s ram raid raised a laugh but his Lib Dems must be taken seriously

Denis Healey famously described a Commons jeremiad from Geoffrey Howe as ‘like being savaged by a dead sheep’. Willie Rennie has gone one better and managed to get himself savaged by a live one. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader was doing a photo-op at a farm in Kelty, Fife last week when one of the […]

Voting Green is about feeling morally superior to lesser mortals

In this, as in all things, Paul Keating was right. It was the former Aussie Prime Minister, a Beethoven of political invective, who called his country’s Green Party ‘a bunch of opportunists and Trots hiding behind a gum tree trying to pretend they’re the Labor Party’. Keating’s acid scherzo could apply just as readily to […]

Len McCluskey’s hollow victory

Len McCluskey has seen off a challenge to be elected to a third term at the helm of Unite. And what a seeing off it was. When the votes starting to come in, and reportedly showed the top two contenders neck-and-neck, McCluskey’s rival was promptly suspended. Gerard Coyne was stripped of his duties as West Midlands […]

A cynical take on Project Fear

A confident Tory Prime Minister. Labour led by an untested left-winger. The SNP surging north of the Border. If Election 2017 feels awfully familiar it’s because we have been here before. Just two years ago, Britain went to the polls in the wake of a divisive constitutional referendum that upended decades-old allegiances. And there were […]

Sturgeon knows her party has peaked. That’s why she doesn’t want this election

Barely had the Prime Minister shut the door of Number 10 behind her than the SNP leader was beating a path to the nearest BBC camera. She can’t get someone halfway competent to run Scotland’s schools but she knows where to find Brian Taylor and a microphone in a pinch. Miss Sturgeon pronounced Theresa May […]

After moving to Edinburgh, I now know what’s wrong with our best cities

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. In my case, it’s also one of the most confusing. As a west coast boy, I’ve just upped sticks and resettled my Glasgow life in Edinburgh, that most unGlasgow of cities. I moved to be nearer Holyrood. I write about politics for […]

Labour has abandoned workers. Trade unions must avoid doing the same

I’m not a member of a trade union but I should be. As a freelance journalist, my employment situation is precarious — yet it still wouldn’t occur to me to join the National Union of Journalists. My reasons are both personal and political, but mostly practical: the NUJ talks tough but, in the end, seldom […]