SNP still isn’t talking to fearties and Braveheart backsliders

Nicola Sturgeon will set out her thinking on independence after Easter. It is probably too much to hope that she’s changed her mind. The SNP leader does this every few months. Separatists get restless, she promises liberation just around the corner; but when they get there ‘the fog of Brexit’ still hasn’t lifted. This is […]

How the devocrats seized Scotland

Devolution was a plodding term for an exhilarating idea: 300 years since the Scots Parliament closed its doors, Scotland would again have its own legislature — without having to leave the Union that had brought it prosperity and security. Powers over health, education, justice and finance would be transferred from Westminster to Holyrood and, advocates […]

Outcomes must matter most if NHS ailments are to be remedied

We will try to get through this week’s column without mentioning the B-word. Not because our relations with Europe aren’t important but because other things are important, too. Politicians, journalists and party activists may be glued to Sky News and Twitter for the latest chat on meaningful votes and Malthouse compromises but many voters have […]

The melancholy eyes and drooping jowls of a Basset hound

An unseasonally sunny day at Holyrood found MSPs in a breezy, end-of-term mood. Parliament goes into recess next week, or rather Brexcess, for the Presiding Officer has warned he’ll recall members in the unlikely event things don’t go to plan at Westminster and we find ourselves on the brink of no-deal Brexit. In which case, […]

No April Fools — imagine Corbyn and Sturgeon running Britain

I don’t know about you but I’ve about had my fill of politics. I write about this horrific racket for a living but even I have been worn down by the tedium, the inertia, the grandstanding, the sanctimony and the self-serving careerism on display at Westminster. Last Friday was supposed to be Brexit’s big opening […]