Like watching Perry Mason cross-examine a border collie

Nicola Sturgeon was not impressed. Her constitution minister was having some difficulty introducing her Indyref 2 (Sort Of) Bill to Holyrood. Mike Russell — he’s ‘Mike’ again, for those who keep track of such things — let forth his ham Shakespearean boom only for a whisper to flutter across the chamber. His microphone wasn’t on […]

Ruth opened her mouth and SNP jaws hit the floor

One of the joys of being in the European Union was that we didn’t have to take an interest in European politics. All those endless commissioners, directives and protocols could be benignly ignored. Now that we’re leaving — terms and conditions apply; always read the label — we have to pretend we understand qualified majority […]

An inconvenient Ruth: Next Tory leader will need Davidson on-side

Theresa May is expected to announce her resignation as Prime Minister sometime in June. Given her success rate on exit plans, she could still be in Downing Street three years from now, preparing to enter the latest round of negotiations with the removal men. However, assuming she manages an orderly Therexit, we can look forward […]

Can Sturgeon survive the SNP’s uncivil war?

She heads a minority government with few achievements and leads a factional party frustrated by her failure to deliver their number one policy. She lost the governing majority she inherited and a raft of MPs after a lacklustre General Election campaign. No doubt she believes, like Margaret Thatcher before her, that she can ‘go on […]

Ruth bounces back with battle hymn of the Tigger mother

The Tories gathered yesterday in an Aberdeen battered by rain and hail, then Ruth Davidson bounded on stage and brought the sunshine. There was a spring in her step and she radiated the happy-tired glow of the new parent. And that smile — the grin that can light up a thousand cybernat accounts — flashed […]