Facebook Q&A and interview: Scottish Labour candidate Sarah Boyack

If Twitter is where nuance goes to die, Facebook is where crazy lets its hair down. The unrestricted post-length allows the angry and the aggrieved to inveigh until their heart’s content. Into this social media bear pit stepped Sarah Boyack, Lothian MSP and contender for Scottish Labour leader, in a live question and answer session […]

A sneak peek at David Torrance’s independence referendum diary

It’s Wednesday, so David Torrance has a new book out. The hipster historian is the Scottish commentariat’s answer to Dame Barbara Cartland, though his similarly prolific output comes without those glorious lashings of fragrant fuchsia. We think. La Torrance’s latest effort is 100 Days of Hope and Fear: How Scotland’s Independence Referendum was Lost and […]

Leadership debate returns Labour to the devolutionist cause

At some point after setting up the Scottish Parliament, Labour forgot that it had done so. The party that was the political driving force behind the Scottish Constitutional Convention and that campaigned on and delivered the most far-reaching constitutional change since the Fifth Reform Act, became complacent and began to drift. There were dedicated Labour […]

Sturgeon’s attack on Labour foreshadows the next election

PERTH, United Kingdom You were supposed to take two messages from Nicola Sturgeon’s first conference speech as leader of the Scottish National Party. First, independence remains very much on the agenda and the constitutional question will rumble on. Second, hers will be a party and a Scottish Government that drives its tanks onto Scottish Labour’s […]

Welsh nationalists look to Scotland for a way forward

PERTH, United Kingdom Here in Perth, the SNP is basking in the glory of its referendum defeat. Where its opponents expected the Nationalists to sink into in-fighting and bitter recriminations, the party has never been in better shape. A membership boost of 65,000 has made it the third largest party in the UK and the […]

Nicola Sturgeon is a tenacious leader for a party that won’t back down

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman. Nicola Sturgeon took the stage in Perth on Friday to rapturous applause. She had just been announced as the new leader of the SNP, elected unopposed to replace Alex Salmond. It is rare in UK politics for an outgoing party leader who is overwhelmingly popular among members to be […]

‘Thinking outside the bubble’: Analysis on the new SNP leadership

PERTH, United Kingdom Conventional wisdom has been having a bad few weeks since the dawn of the New Scotland. The latest manifestation of this is the election of Stewart Hosie as the deputy leader of the SNP. Scottish Government transport minister Keith Brown had been seen as the favourite in the race to replace Nicola […]

Choose to shout or choose to listen on Israel and Palestine

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. An Israeli diplomat, Yiftah Curiel, visited Scotland for the first time on Wednesday. He set aside some of his time to speak to students at the University of Glasgow about Israel, Europe, trade, culture, and peace. But during his talk, some people decided they didn’t like Mr […]