Bile, anger, and the growing divisiveness of a nation’s politics

‘You know, this used to be a hell of a good country,’ Jack Nicholson pondered in Easy Rider. ‘I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it.’ These words crept into my mind last week and no matter what I did to shut them out, they found a way back in. Anas Sarwar revealed that he […]

All politics is local (except maybe in Scotland)

‘All politics is local’ ran the maxim of legendary American politico Tip O’Neill, a deal-making Democrat of the old school. O’Neill worked his way up from the back room of the party machine to become Speaker of the House of Representatives and the wily nemesis of Ronald Reagan. In the middle of the 1982 recession, […]

Pepsi’s advert gives protesters exactly what they want: another opportunity to protest

No sooner had Pepsi skooshed open its latest ad campaign than the internet burped it back up.   The soft drink giant’s new commercial featured Kendall Jenner (ask a young person) emerging from a crowd of protestors to offer a Pepsi to an officer on a police line. The two-and-a-half-minute promo was sugarier than the […]

The Labour party has become institutionally anti-Semitic

The Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic.  No fair-minded person can read its failure to expel Ken Livingstone any other way. The national constitutional committee, after careful consideration of his latest calumny, has chosen merely to extend the former London mayor’s suspension for a further year.  He was originally suspended in April 2016 after he came […]

Why smug SNP sanctimony means its love-in with EU will soon be over

If you have had the good fortune to encounter one of the many exciting Nationalist marches Scotland has to offer, you might have noticed a subtle change in presentation.  Woad is still in. The ‘End London Rule’ banner is a bit crumpled but will do a few more rallies. The Royal Standard of Scotland is […]

Whatever the question, Sturgeon’s answer will always be independence

Do you find your job dull and unfulfilling? Do you spend your days seeking out distractions or furtively pursuing your real interests? Millions find themselves in this position and pass the time meandering on Facebook or searching for a new career. Fair enough, you might think. There are some pretty humdrum posts out there but […]