Labour has surrendered to Corbynism

When I heard the Tories were cutting a deal with a party of bigots and terrorist-sympathisers, I thought, ‘would a national unity government really work?’

It turns out Theresa May is tapping up the DUP rather than the Labour Party. PMQs is accused of ‘yah-boo politics’ as it is; wait till the questions are asked and answered from behind balaclavas. Arlene Foster’s party doesn’t have the extensive paramilitary history of the Progressive Unionist Party, or Sinn Fein/IRA for that matter, but while Mrs Foster has forcefully rejected violence (she and her family were victims of terrorism during the Troubles) the DUP’s past is murky to say the least.

Still, Labour politicians excoriating Theresa May for treating with such a party are rank merchants of humbug and chutzpah. It’s a wonder they can see their way to the Sky News studios with the beam in their eyes. For Labour now treads the same territory as Ulster reactionaries, Stop the West Stalinists, and ultra-nationalists.

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Feature image © RevolutionBahrainMC by Creative Commons 3.0.

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