Labour has surrendered to Corbynism

When I heard the Tories were cutting a deal with a party of bigots and terrorist-sympathisers, I thought, ‘would a national unity government really work?’ It turns out Theresa May is tapping up the DUP rather than the Labour Party. PMQs is accused of ‘yah-boo politics’ as it is; wait till the questions are asked […]

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Britain’s Dark Moment

It is as if Richard Nixon had lost the 1972 presidential election—and not to George McGovern but to Gus Hall. British PM Theresa May called a snap poll to capitalize on Labour’s lurch to the extreme left and bulk up her majority as Britain embarks on the Brexit process. She went into the campaign with […]

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Rebel with a cause

Ruth Davidson is not an obvious choice to lead a revolution. But out there in the country, from the family farms of the Borders to the fishing enclaves of the North East, from central belt suburbs to the rolling hills of Perthshire, a rebellion is brewing — and Miss Davidson finds herself its de facto […]

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