Ten Labour MPs that Tories should vote for

The Conservatives are going to win the election — that much we know. 

The question is what kind of opposition Britain is going to be left with. If a slew of moderate Labour MPs are swept out, the Corbynite grip on the party will strengthen. The leader will not go and Labour will take a great leap forward in its journey to oblivion. 

Tories should not relish this outcome. It would do serious violence to our parliamentary democracy, which was not designed to cope with one dominant party and no real opposition. Legislation would not face proper scrutiny, ministers would become less accountable, and the business of government would be less transparent. Tory MPs, eager to be ‘team players’, would begin to soften their questions and pull their punches. You need only look to Scotland for an object lesson in what happens when a government goes unchallenged for too long.

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Feature image © daliscar1 by Creative Commons 2.0.

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