The one question Theresa May should ask Labour voters — in order to win them over

Prime Minister, I have good news and bad news. 

The good news is that you have been denounced in the letters page of the Daily Telegraph. One correspondent huffs: ‘I wonder if Theresa May and her small group of advisers closeted in Westminster are aware of the fact that each initiative they introduce in an attempt to win over traditional Labour voters risks having the opposite effect on traditional Conservative voters.’ Another damns your energy price cap as ‘wrong-headed’ and even accuses you of ‘play[ing] into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn’s muddle-headed electioneering economics’. Lord Tebbit echoes these fears: ‘The further Labour goes Left, that would mean the further we go Left. We need to stick to sensible, Conservative economics.’ If anyone appreciates sensible conservatism, it’s Norman Tebbit. 

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Feature image © Andrew Burdett by Creative Commons 3.0.

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