Jeremy Corbyn has just given the best speech of the election campaign

Campaigning starts again tomorrow, but in his speech in Carlisle today Jeremy Corbyn made what is – for any Labour leader – a fairly obvious point:

You cannot protect the public on the cheap. The police and security services must get the resources they need not 20,000 police cuts. Theresa May was warned by the Police Federation but she accused them of “crying wolf”.

In a radical departure for Corbyn, that is exactly what happened. In her now-famous lecture to the Police Federation conference in 2015, the then Home Secretary told an extremely hostile room: ‘I have to tell you that this kind of scaremongering does nobody any good – it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve the officers you represent, and it doesn’t serve the public… The truth is that crime fell in each of those years, it’s fallen further since, and our country is safer than it’s ever been. So please – for your sake and for the thousands of police officers who work so hard every day – this crying wolf has to stop.’ 

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Feature image © YouTube/RevolutionBahrainMC by Creative Commons 3.0.

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