Attacking Ann Romney

And so it begins. With Rick Santorum out of the race Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee. The Democrat smear machine has begun in earnest. Most seasoned observers predicted class warfare rhetoric would play a critical role in the Obama campaign’s case against Romney. What no one predicted was how quickly Democrats would targetContinue reading “Attacking Ann Romney”

Santorum’s exit

So I’ve been pretty mean about Rick Santorum. I’ve made fun of his interview tantrums and his weird obsession with the possibility that, somewhere, right now, in Vermont, two guys called Bruce and Bernard could be picking out matching his’n’his dressing gowns at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I mocked his condomnation (trademark pending) of birthContinue reading “Santorum’s exit”

Barack Obama, Derrick Bell, and the politics of hugging

Let’s dispense with a few misconceptions, shall we? No, of course it’s not racist to object to the late Professor Derrick Bell’s contributions to critical race theory. It’s not racist to object to the protest – essentially for racial hiring quotas at the Harvard Law faculty – depicted in the video released by NorContinue reading “Barack Obama, Derrick Bell, and the politics of hugging”

The chutzpah industry

People with ‘#justice’, ‘#humanrights’ and ‘#TeamHamas’ in their Twitter bios are furious right now. It’s not because of the Israeli doctors who in January saved the life of 12-year-old Palestinian girl Aya Almasal after her heart stopped en route from Gaza to Haifa for (free) treatment for a cardiovascular condition. Nor is it Israel’s newContinue reading “The chutzpah industry”

Tiresome idealism

The Debt John Madden, 2010 Miramax/Marv Films/Pioneer Pictures USA/UK/Hungary/Israel 113 mins Shark Night 3D David R. Ellis, 2011 Incentive Filmed Entertainment/Next Films/Sierra-Affinity/Silverwood Films USA 90 mins Crazy, Stupid, Love. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, 2011 Carousel Productions USA 118 mins ***** The Debt Liberalism is naiveté convinced of its own sophistication and The Debt, directorContinue reading “Tiresome idealism”

Romney wins endorsement, loses credibility

The mood over at Democrat National Committee headquarters might best be characterised as ‘yippeeeeeeeeee!’ First, Mitt Romney volunteered to CNN that ‘I’m not concerned with the very poor‘. Now he has accepted the endorsement of Donald Trump, loon, for the Republican nomination for President. Reports that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was spotted doing the macarena atopContinue reading “Romney wins endorsement, loses credibility”

Democrats and selective memory

First we had Bush Derangement Syndrome; now it’s Bush Derangement Amnesia. Democrat National Committee flack Brad Woodhouse appeared on Martin Bashir’s show on MSNBC, where ratings are counted in gender studies graduates, to complain Republicans are mean to President Obama. Not like Democrats. They were inviting President Bush out to dinner and a movie everyContinue reading “Democrats and selective memory”