Attacking Ann Romney

And so it begins.

With Rick Santorum out of the race Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee.

The Democrat smear machine has begun in earnest.

Most seasoned observers predicted class warfare rhetoric would play a critical role in the Obama campaign’s case against Romney.

What no one predicted was how quickly Democrats would target Romney’s wife.

Speaking on CNN this evening, Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen had this to say about Romney: “His wife has never worked a day in her life.”

The attempt to cast Ann Romney as a workshy lunch lady is cruel and vicious. She has raised five children and battled multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. While the liberal sneer that homemaking isn’t a ‘real job’ – translation: homemakers aren’t real women – is contemptible when applied to any wife and mother, it is particularly nasty when applied to someone who has gone through what Ann Romney has gone through.

At least now we know the tenor of the Democrats’ campaign. Nothing and no one will be off limits.

Republicans must not follow the President and his party down this low road. There must be no personal attacks on President Obama, the First Lady, or, God forbid, the First Daughters. Conservatism is a philosophy but it’s also a temperament, one anchored in modesty and tradition and grace. It is not meet to assail the character of our fellow man, and certainly not that of our fellow lady.

Let the Democrats be drawn to the temptations of vulgarity. Let the party of ‘civility’ degrade and defame. Let them mug for the cable news cameras.

Republicans should stick to their message – the economy – and work to elect to the White House a man who does not send out his apparatchiks to attack another man’s wife.

Feature image © Gage Skidmore by Creative Commons 2.0

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