Russia Today, Britain tomorrow

The poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal was not the work of the Russian state. It was ‘a complete set-up’; Theresa May had ‘found this one issue that can boost her’. The attempted murder in a Salisbury restaurant was ‘a provocation intended to worsen relations even further between Russia and the West’. Whoever was responsibleContinue reading “Russia Today, Britain tomorrow”

America’s unheeded prophet

Catholic, conservative, controversial — US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas seldom speaks but when he does journalists’ notebooks flip open.  Recently he gave a rare interview in the course of which he diagnosed the malaise afflicting America. He asked: ‘What binds us? What do we all have in common anymore? I think we have to think about that. WhenContinue reading “America’s unheeded prophet”

The moral agony of the lifelong Labour voter

It’s the dilemma facing millions of moderate Labour voters: can they in good conscience support their party this time around without endorsing Jeremy Corbyn? This is no mere academic puzzler. Many are horrified at the transformation of their party from Europe’s most successful social democratic movement into a glorified protest group, and one with moreContinue reading “The moral agony of the lifelong Labour voter”