Sunday Supplement: January 27 — February 2, 2020

A round-up of articles you might have missed this week.

Triumph of patriots and the ruin of a nation

My Scottish Daily Mail column on the toll nationalism has taken on Scotland.

You’re a grand old flag, you’re a politically useful flag

My Scottish Daily Mail sketch of the European flag debate at Holyrood.

Boris Johnson must start taking Scexit seriously

My Spectator piece on the threat to the Union and how the UK Government is responding.

If Richard Leonard isn’t on the SNP payroll, he’s being done out of a fortune

My Scottish Daily Mail sketch of this week’s First Minister’s Questions.

Setback and decline in the age of Sturgeon

My Scottish Daily Mail op-ed on Nicola Sturgeon’s latest independence speech.

Labour’s Richard Burgon problem

My Spectator piece on the Labour deputy leadership candidate.

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