Kezia Dugdale gave me a pug toy. As if I wasn’t enough of a Labour shill.

In the third in my series of party leader interviews, I sat down with Kezia Dugdale.

Despite being a really nice person, Kez is leader of the Scottish Labour Party. And she’s had a pretty eventful campaign so far, what with coming out, U-turning on her central tax policy, having to clarify her stance on independence, and battling a dirty tricks campaign after her undergraduate application to work for an SNP MSP was leaked to a newspaper.

We caught up to chat about the election, education and whether she’s tough enough to take on Nicola Sturgeon.

Oh and she brought me a stuffed toy pug. I called him Murphy. Yes, I realise I need help.

The full interview will be published tomorrow. First though, her answers to my quick-fire quiz.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 18.06.07.png

Stephen Daisley (SD): I’m thinking of a career change. Do you know of any researcher jobs going with the SNP?

Kezia Dugdale (KD): Ooooh. You could come and work for me, regardless of your politics.

SD: Hillary or Bernie?

KD: Hillary.

SD: Trump, or a great sucking black hole that destroys the universe?

KD: The black hole.


SD: Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon?

KD: Nicola Sturgeon.

SD: So, Corbyn. That’s going well, isn’t it?

KD: [curtly] Yes.

SD: Favourite cybernat: Angry Salmond or your dad?

KD: [laughs] You know, I think I follow Angry Salmond but I don’t follow my dad.

SD: Does he follow you?

KD: Yeah. So, my dad.

SD: Do you think we’ll ever reach the point where a Holyrood party leader will feel comfortable enough to come out as heterosexual?

KD: [laughs] I think they might soon have to for diversity.

SD: Poor Willie.

SD: How many times a day do you talk down Scotland?

KD: Many. Many, many.

SD: And finally: Rowr rowr rowr rowr rowr arrrrrooooowwwwww?

KD: Woof.

SD: That’s Pug for “Are you still a pugophobe?”

KD: [Points to stuffed toy pug] Brackets, she gave him a pug. Close brackets.


Originally published on STV News.

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