The Budget Drinking Game. Or, ‘How to get through George Osborne’s speech’

As muggers go, Chancellors of the Exchequer are a conscientious bunch.

Your average bag-grabber just lunges at you in the street, snatches away your valuables and makes off, possibly shoving you to the ground in the process.

No style, no class.

Not Her Majesty’s Second Lord of the Treasury. He politely lists in advance what he’s going to pilfer from your pocketbook while his colleagues cheer him on for good measure.

On Wednesday, George Osborne delivers his latest Budget. Early indications suggest it will be another slash-and-burn affair, as public services take a kicking in the fiscal nether regions.

So to help you get through the Chancellor’s speech, we bring you The 2016 Budget Drinking Game.

(Obviously you should play the game with soft drinks and not alcohol. Unless you live the kind of sybaritic lifestyle that allows you to neck Martinis at lunchtime. And if you do, we can only salute you.)


Originally published on STV NewsFeature image © James Palinsad by Creative Commons 2.0.

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