Antonin Scalia was a giant of the intellectual right

Antonin Scalia, the cheery antithesis of Atticus Finch, was an unlikely radical. The US Supreme Court justice, who died over the weekend aged 79, was a graduate of Harvard Law School who interrupted his academic career with a five-year stint working for Richard Nixon, the squarest of squares, and later Gerald Ford. But a radicalContinue reading “Antonin Scalia was a giant of the intellectual right”

Westminster beware, Scotland won’t get fooled again

“If polls in Scotland don’t change revise the saying ‘you can’t fool all the people all of the time’ as almost all are appearing to be fooled.” So tweeted George Foulkes — Comrade Baron Foulkes of Cumnock, to give him his full socialist honours — over the weekend. Casting the voters as fools is aContinue reading “Westminster beware, Scotland won’t get fooled again”

Can the Scottish Greens make a breakthrough at Holyrood?

Left-of-centre? Care about social justice? Want to see an independent Scotland? It’s obvious who you should vote for in May, right? Well, not as obvious as you might think. The Scottish Greens are hoping to challenge the SNP’s dominance at Holyrood and offer a radical alternative to the centre-hugging timidity of the other parties. OnContinue reading “Can the Scottish Greens make a breakthrough at Holyrood?”

Kezia Dugdale gets bold with risky pre-election tax move

Anyone longing for Kezia Dugdale to take the fight to the SNP just got their wish. Call it a Penny for Fairness. The Scottish Labour leader has pledged to hike Scots’ income tax by one per cent should her party win the Holyrood election in May. (Itself contingent on lightning striking the same flying pigContinue reading “Kezia Dugdale gets bold with risky pre-election tax move”

We must mark the Holocaust but it is only part of the Jewish story

Yisrael Kristal is 112. Yisrael Kristal is a candidate for the title of World’s Oldest Man. Yisrael Kristal is an Israeli Jew and Holocaust survivor. Born in Poland in 1903, he worked as a confectioner until the Nazis came. They killed his two children in the ghetto and murdered his wife in Auschwitz. He leftContinue reading “We must mark the Holocaust but it is only part of the Jewish story”

RISE and fall of ‘Yes Alliance’ a predictable affair

The nativists are getting restless. Not content with their war on Tunnock’s tea cakes and the rest of the vast Unionist conspiracy, the cybernats have turned on former comrades in the campaign for independence. The dissenters, mostly left-wingers not affiliated to the SNP, had the temerity to suggest voting for a party other than theContinue reading “RISE and fall of ‘Yes Alliance’ a predictable affair”

How Nicola Sturgeon could help Brexit win the EU referendum

Quiz time. Who tweeted this over the weekend: ‘Quisling Tories characterise independence, freedom & democracy as “a leap into the void”. Other countries can have independence. Not us.’ a) A cybernat b) One of the more intellectually modest SNP MPs c) Angry Salmond The answer, surprisingly enough, is d) None of the above. In fact,Continue reading “How Nicola Sturgeon could help Brexit win the EU referendum”

Labour is worth saving now, but by 2020…

Catherine McKinnell has resigned from the shadow cabinet. Yes, that Catherine McKinnell. The shadow attorney general. I honestly hadn’t heard of her until her resignation statement dropped on the news wires on Monday morning. I understand the pinnacle of her career thus far has been a spat with Gary Barlow, the Take That star, about taxContinue reading “Labour is worth saving now, but by 2020…”

Sir Albert McQuarrie: North east MP known as the ‘Buchan Bulldog’

Sir Albert McQuarrie earned the nickname ‘Buchan Bulldog’ for his tenacity, much of which was expended on behalf of the north east and in particular the fishing industry. A Conservative MP at the height of the Thatcher revolution, Sir Albert represented a bygone era of working-class Scottish Toryism and unabashed British patriotism. He was 98Continue reading “Sir Albert McQuarrie: North east MP known as the ‘Buchan Bulldog’”

Wha’s like us? Gie few and they’re a’ boycotted

The average cybernat, on the 3am comment thread he calls home, hammers out the details of the Tunnock’s tea cake boycott. The mallow-filled Scottish biscuit has rebranded as “British” for the London market. It is the worst thing since the Highland Clearances, Act of Union and 1966 World Cup final all rolled into one andContinue reading “Wha’s like us? Gie few and they’re a’ boycotted”