What have the Liberal Democrats ever done for us?

The Scottish Liberal Democrats, such as remain, gathered in Aberdeen over the weekend for their party conference. Every inch of the proceedings was soaked in dread, like watching an old children’s film just knowing the dog’s getting shot at some point. Members know how hated their party has become for its governing alliance with the […]

In praise of the leaflet-stuffers, door-knockers and dog-dodgers of #GE15

How did you spend your weekend? A wallet-lightening trip to the cinema? A day (and night) down the pub? Watching the Hearts trounce Cowdenbeath Rovers 10-0? Maybe you spent Saturday in B&Q buying units and shelves for a new kitchen – or duct tape and a rope pulley to recreate some scenes from (the embarrassingly […]

Indyref Daily: Outrage as Scotland defies sovereign will of Byres Road

The democratic process has been thrown into chaos after a majority of Scots voted against the clearly expressed wishes of people who shop in Whole Foods. Friday morning’s referendum result brought an eerie chill to Byres Road. In the independent coffee shops, patrons wept into their double tall soy caramel macchiatos (hold the foam). Tchai-Ovna […]