The trial of Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie’s baffling compulsion to pick at Liverpool has brought him up a cropper again, with the Sun pulling his latest polemic on Everton FC player Ross Barkley. MacKenzie has compared the footballer, recently victim of an assault in a nightclub, to ‘a gorilla at the zoo’ and added that, in Liverpool, ‘the only menContinue reading “The trial of Kelvin MacKenzie”

The Labour party has become institutionally anti-Semitic

The Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic.  No fair-minded person can read its failure to expel Ken Livingstone any other way. The national constitutional committee, after careful consideration of his latest calumny, has chosen merely to extend the former London mayor’s suspension for a further year.  He was originally suspended in April 2016 after he cameContinue reading “The Labour party has become institutionally anti-Semitic”

Forget ‘virtue signalling’ – ‘empathy patrolling’ is the new moral phenomenon

I’ve had just about enough of being told how to feel about what happened last Wednesday.   I feel angry. I still feel shock. I feel a keen ache for the families of those murdered, especially the loved-ones of PC Keith Palmer.  I feel that cold spite that works its way into your heart atContinue reading “Forget ‘virtue signalling’ – ‘empathy patrolling’ is the new moral phenomenon”

Martin McGuinness – a man who put the ballot before bullets

Ulster is where memory burns long and forgiveness comes slow.  The death of Martin McGuinness will pass without the spilling of sorrow by many Unionists in Northern Ireland and here in mainland Britain, where the IRA’s terror campaign paid regular, outrageous visits, there will be those who mutter a cold ‘good riddance’.  Douglas Murray writes:  ‘[W]hileContinue reading “Martin McGuinness – a man who put the ballot before bullets”