Martin McGuinness – a man who put the ballot before bullets

Ulster is where memory burns long and forgiveness comes slow. 

The death of Martin McGuinness will pass without the spilling of sorrow by many Unionists in Northern Ireland and here in mainland Britain, where the IRA’s terror campaign paid regular, outrageous visits, there will be those who mutter a cold ‘good riddance’. 

Douglas Murray writes: 

‘[W]hile the eulogists lament the fact that McGuinness hasn’t enjoyed much of his old age, our thoughts really ought to be with the many people who – thanks to McGuinness and his friends – never made it as far as middle age.’

This is undoubtedly true. McGuinness was a terrible man who did terrible things and the good things he did in later years did not change that. 

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Feature image (c) Sinn Féin via Creative Commons 2.0.

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