Neocon Zombie War

World War Z (Marc Forster, 2013) Paramount Pictures “The earth belongs to the living and not to the dead,” Thomas Jefferson once counseled, albeit musing on generational obligations rather than zombie property rights. The undead antagonists of World War Z would have bitten his face off and used his powdered wig as a napkin. ForContinue reading “Neocon Zombie War”

American Dreamer

The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann, 2013) Warner Bros/Roadshow Entertainment The Great Gatsby is the biggest, brightest, most thrilling movie of the year so far. It sings and swings like a chorus line and smolders with the smoky intensity of a gin-soaked speakeasy. Leonardo DiCaprio captivates as the mysterious millionaire of the title and Carey MulliganContinue reading “American Dreamer”