#FMQs sketch: Why does Murdo Fraser hate Scotland?

And so, on the eve of Scotland’s local election, it fell to Murdo Fraser, the Tories’ chief Nat-baiter, to stoke the political fire.  He riled the SNP by asking Nicola Sturgeon about Scotland’s low rates of immigration. First Minister’s Questions had been brought forward to avoid a clash with today’s vote. Thoughtlessly so, since this […]

Every time Sturgeon shouts ‘Tory’ another voter decides to give them a go

I’m not saying Ruth Davidson is planning to kill your family dog but I’d keep an eye on her. I have no evidence that she is a menace to canines or anyone else, but I’ve been listening to Nicola Sturgeon’s speeches and it seems there is no depravity foreign to the Scottish Tory leader. Addressing […]

Rennie’s ram raid raised a laugh but his Lib Dems must be taken seriously

Denis Healey famously described a Commons jeremiad from Geoffrey Howe as ‘like being savaged by a dead sheep’. Willie Rennie has gone one better and managed to get himself savaged by a live one. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader was doing a photo-op at a farm in Kelty, Fife last week when one of the […]

Enter the janitor – merrily mixing up MSPs and the SNP

He could have been the janitor, or a weary geography teacher begging the lower fifth to set his car the right way up again. But the shambling figure who made his way to the podium was the leader of the Labour Party. At least for now. Not because he’s likely to be opposed as Labour […]