Nicola Sturgeon and the dead-eyed Yesbots

Sometimes you can’t beat a Left-wing firebrand.  Elaine Smith is an old-school socialist who speaks her mind where others might tread more delicately. There was nothing delicate about the Labour MSP’s broadside against the Scottish Government ahead of yesterday’s sham debate on Covid restrictions. MSPs were meant to get a proper debate and a vote butContinue reading “Nicola Sturgeon and the dead-eyed Yesbots”

The Union is in crisis. Can anyone save it?

There is a crisis in Unionism. It did not begin with polls showing a majority for independence, or the arrival of Boris Johnson, or even Brexit, though the latter has sprayed accelerant on the flames. The unravelling of the United Kingdom began with legislative devolution in 1999. Devolution was not a bad policy; in principle,Continue reading “The Union is in crisis. Can anyone save it?”

Boris and Sturgeon put Britain on the naughty step

Anyone fed up being treated by government like a tearaway caught scrumping apples without a face mask, look away now. After weeks of being cajoled, then scolded, then threatened into doing as we were told, yesterday brought the punishment. In a TV broadcast last night, Boris Johnson outlined harsher restrictions on free movement and assembly.Continue reading “Boris and Sturgeon put Britain on the naughty step”

BBC should serve the nation, not the Nationalists

What a guddle BBC Scotland has got itself into. First, Auntie announced that it would no longer carry Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid-19 briefing live every day and instead base its coverage on ‘editorial merit’. This was welcome news for opposition politicians, who had grown concerned about the Corporation giving a daily platform to the First Minister,Continue reading “BBC should serve the nation, not the Nationalists”