Why has the SNP inflicted this video on us?

I don’t know where people get the idea the SNP is intolerant of criticism.

Scotland’s most open-minded party has released a new video that appears to be an attack on one of its critics dressed up as a party political broadcast. The video depicts a group of thirtysomethings gathered for a house party. They are Scottish but improbably so, smiling excessively and expressing enthusiasm for life. A couple of latecomers are warned that ‘Davey’ is in the kitchen ‘bangin’ on about politics again’ and soon we are introduced to a cartoonish party bore. Stuffy, bespectacled Davey is the wrong side of 40 but sports a hipster-trad three-piece and Brooklyn-worthy beard in the hope of passing himself off as a millennial.

He bears an uncanny resemblance to David Torrance, a columnist and historian who has become one of the SNP’s favourite hate figures. Davey sneers that the SNP has done nothing for Scotland whereupon his pals rhyme off a litany of Nationalist achievements. The Nats claim the striking similarity between the stuffy villain and the Glasgow Herald columnist is coincidental but it looks more like the kind of in-joke dreamt up by terribly clever people in a meeting room with space hoppers for chairs.

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One thought on “Why has the SNP inflicted this video on us?

  1. Words have power. I like your use of words, you have a sharp wit and can be very amusing.


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